Daxara 218.4 Braked Trailer, galvanised steel, 1000kg gross weight capacity


Daxara 218.4 Braked Trailer

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The Daxara 218.4 Braked Trailer is the first trailer in the Daxara range with a 1000kg gross weight capacity and the trailer is constructed from galvanised steel for strength and longevity.

Towing a Daxara trailer fitted with a braking system means increased trailer stability and driver control, it also reduces wear and tear on the tow vehicles braking system. The addition of a braking system also means that you get a hand brake to control the trailer when unattached from the tow vehicle.

The reinforced ‘A’ frame and double skin side panels further increase the robustness of the trailer and make it durable enough for more regular commercial use. As with all the Daxara trailers the rear panel/tailgate is removeable and along with the tipping feature allows for easier unloading of materials such as sand, gravel and earth. In addition to this the front panel opens and can also be removed on the Daxara 218.4 trailer.

Another useful feature is the recessed lights on the back of the trailer which help protect the lights from getting knocked and damaged.

The versatility of this great trailer can be further enhanced by adding any of the accessories shown below. Buying a spare wheel and spare wheel support should be seriously considered when buying a trailer, especially if you intend to use the trailer on long journeys.

Finally, the 218.4 braked box trailer as with all Daxara trailers meets and exceeds the new type approval legislation being enforced as of October 2012. As a result each trailer produced to these standards has to be supplied with a Certificate of Conformity, an example of this certificate is included with the trailer images above.

Technical Specification:
Overall dimensions: 305 x 175 x 96cm (LxWxH)
Internal box dimensions: 205 x 129 x 40cm (LxWxH)
External box dimensions: 211 x 135 x 48cm (LxWxH)

Wheel size: 185/70 R13 inch
Suspension: Torsion

Unladen Weight: 238kg
Gross weight: 1000kg

Awards: TV approved, meets and exceeds the new Trailer Type Approval legislation being enforced as of October 2012.


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