Race Horse Trailer
Race Horse Trailer: Old Front Ramp
Race Horse Trailer: NEW Front Ramp


This week we have had a older Race Horse Trailer in our workshops.

Our customer asked for the Front and Rear Ramp to be replaced.

Our photos show the condition of the ramps before work started.

With the complete new ramp displayed after the full revamp.

Race Horse Trailer: Old Rear Ramp
Race Horse Trailer new ramp
Race Horse Trailer: NEW Rear Ramp

Danhire Trailers promoting NTTA Trailer Safety with Suffolk Police

NTTA Trailer Safety Checks
Mark and Mike ready to start the trailer checks

NTTA Trailer Safety Checks with Suffolk Police

Mark and Mike of DANHIRE TRAILERS represented the NTTA (National Trailer Association) in a Road Safety Campaign held by Suffolk Police.

Vehicles and Trailers were spot checked and many faults were found.

Bald Tyres, Brake cables rusted and not fitted.

Lights breakaway cables not correctly fitted or completely missing.

This was a really important day with many problems of insurances with drivers as well.

It shows why trailer safety is so important on our roads today.

Pictures below show how the day went:
NTTA Trailer Safety Checks
Broken brake cables


Bald and worn tyres

New front Ramp installed to a Richardson Horse Trailer

Another major workload in the Danhire Trailer Workshops this week.

New front Ramp installed to a Richardson Horse Trailer.

new horse trailer ramp fitted

Picture shows old decayed ramp panel.

Second picture shows new heavy duty mat ready to fit to newly painted ramp panel.

new horse trailer ramp fitted

It is so important to keep a through check on ramps and panels.

Decay can’t set in between mat and panels.

Keep your Horses safe always let them tread with care…..

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