Horse Trailer Rebuilt

Horse Trailer Rebuilt

Photos Showing Rebuild of Horse Trailer

Horse Trailer Rebuilt
…Before and After…
Complete with new alumimium edges.
Complete Side panel with new horse logo and repaint.

New Front Ramp and Matting.

Horse Trailer Rebuilt
Horse Trailer Revamp showing inner side of new side panel.
Complete with new protection panel for Horse.

Horse Trailer repairs part of a busy month for Danhire Trailer Service and Repairs


The month of September has been really busy at DanHIRE Trailer Service and Repairs, two of the major jobs was to strip completely to bare framework, clean and prepare to fit all new sides to two very clean and well looked after Richardson Horse Trailers.

The interiors were re-vamped and new side protectors were installed to take care of the Horses when travelling.


Pictures show the finished Trailers all ready to continue to give good service in the coming years.

Horse Trailer repairs

Mark and Mike at DanHIRE  would like to thank the owners for allowing us to advertise our work, and state these Horse Trailers are NOT FOR SALE.



Trailer Rebuild

DanHIRE Trailers Repair Department were asked by customer to overall and fit new Side panels to their very well looked after Horse Trailer.

trailer rebuild



Pictures shows some stages of build, once panels were fitted the Trailer was transferred to paintshop for final respray and returning to its smart blue colour.

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