Licence Rules First Time Tow! You are now legal to tow

1. Licence Rules FIRST TIME TOW

It’s passed you are legal to tow (No more tests as of 16th Dec 2021).

But are you really feeling confident.

Let us help you.

Drive safe – tow safe – keep your trailer/caravan safe.

Uncouple – Recouple – On the road driving.

legal to tow


Changes to the B + E testing H + S been relaid in parliament.

Legislation has now been passed and have been brought into force as from 16th December 2021.

This means for car drivers towing a trailer, drivers who passed their driving test from 1st January 1997, are allowed to tow trailers up to 3.500 (mam) maximum authorised mass without passing an additional car/trailer test.

On the 20th September 2021 DVSA stopped all B + E car trailer (not a good thing for road safety in the UK).

Driver training schools lost their work overnight with no test – it is so important to have driving trailer training and be responsible for health and safety at work policy.



Some insurers asking for proof of attendance.

Bring – Use your own trailer/ caravan.

DanHIRE Trailers do not supply tow vehicle/ trailer.



Be SAFE – You are responsible.

S – Service has the trailer been serviced?

A – Air in tyres – check pressure – Tread deputy and overall conditioner.

F – Fit breakaway cable or safety chain. Check all electrical connections.

E – Examine – check all lights mirrors. Load and weight limits. Check and test jockey wheel.

With no MOT Test required on all types trailers it is so important to have trailers (caravans) in good working order .



DVLA will update affected licence records.

The car car and trailer (B + E ) will be added to the driving licence when a new photo card driving licence is issued.

All car drivers wishing to tow a trailer for leisure or business are encouraged to undertake voluntary training.

DanHIRE trailers and towbars are pleased to work with NTTA the trailer industry and training providers.

An accreditation scheme will fully be launched in 2022.

DanHIRE trailers are NTTA accredited quality assured centre.

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